Friday, August 21, 2009

summer summer summertime

To say its been a busy one would be an understatement. We have been going non-stop around here at the Giddens household. So far this summer we have:

Celebrated a second birthday and got some really cute pictures taken of our cute little girl.

Went on vacation to South Dakota with NieNie, Pa, Aunt Amber, Uncle Jesse, Hannah, Cade, Aunt Abbey, & Uncle Chris. Where we saw:
The Badlands

Stopped at Wall Drug and found a really neat chapel.

Mt. Rushmore

Woke Livi up from a nap so she could play with the animals at Old McDonald's Farm.

Road on the 1880 Train

Spent another day in Hill City looking at the trains and shops.

We drove on some very narrow and curvy roads with tunnels cut out of the mountains.

We saw lots of these:

We went to the Mammoth Site and saw, well, mammoths.

We went to Prairie Berry Winery.

Woke-up every morning to this.

and this is just half of it.

to be continued.....