Wednesday, April 29, 2009

rockin' robin

For three weeks we have had a "friend" in our backyard. He has been waking me up every morning usually around 6 o'clock (if you know me I don't do 6 o'clock unless there is a screaming baby involved) and then hangs out for the rest of the day. Who is this "friend" you ask?

A robin. A really annoying, strong willed, some would say stupid, robin.

Three weeks ago I was sitting on the couch in the living room and heard a bird hit the window in the dining room. I laughed and thought silly bird can't you see there's a window there! Then he did it again. So I walked over to the window and noticed he had been doing this for awhile. I say that because there are little bird prints all over the top of the window. He continued to do this for the rest of the day.

When I went to bed that night I had forgotten about the silly bird. The next morning though I remembered him, he was back.

Now he had moved to the back door. He would hit the door then hit the window again. Over and over all day long.

This bird wanted in my house and he was not leaving. My sister was over one day and she and her kids also witnessed it.

A week went by. Jarad and I would just laugh. We couldn't figure out what he wanted and why he kept hitting our windows.

Then one morning a week after he hit the window in the dining room the bird went to far. He started hitting our bedroom window. He even got really good and would fly up, hold on to the screen, and then fly up to the top of the window and just start pecking. Every morning pecking. I got pretty good too. When he would land on the screen I would hit the window, causing him to fly off. Thinking to myself, I'll show you bird.

Jarad put some bird seed out, hoping that he would eat that and leave. Not so much.

We seriously didn't know what to do. This bird was driving me crazy hitting and pecking all day long. I wanted him gone, away from my house.

This had been going on for almost three weeks. So one night before I went to bed I prayed (like I do every night). Only on this night I prayed to God to please take the bird away. Show him some other place to fly. Although I thought it was silly to pray for a bird to leave my house alone I did it anyway. I didn't know what else to do. And guess what? That next morning I woke up at 7:30 to the sound of my daughters music playing softly in the baby monitor and the sweet sound of her breathing in and out.

No bird in sight. And he hasn't been back since.

I think it was a wake-up call from God. Reminding me that nothing is too big or too small for Him. Not even a annoying, strong willed, silly bird.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ladies lunch

As I've mentioned in other posts, I love our ladies lunch. By ladies I mean my best good friend Rachel or Auntie RayRay, me, and Livi. Its nice to pick a different place every week (sometimes twice a week) to go and have lunch and then either a quick trip to the mall or our favorite place Target!! Target usually wins.

A little background on my best good friend Rachel. We met in elementary school. She went to Ash Grove, I went to Bois D'Arc. It's the same school district just different elementary schools. It wasn't until Jr. High that we really became friends and we still are to this day. She knows all my secrets, my past, my ups and downs and she has stood by me through it all. She was there when I met Jarad. She was the first one of my friends I told I was pregnant and she was sooooo excited. She's the one I can call when I really need to vent to someone. And she makes sure that at least once a week she gets to see me and Livi. She is hands down the best friend anyone could ask for.

I've been meaning to get a picture of Rach and Livi but I always forget my camera. Not today! So I give to you Rachel or Auntie RayRay and Livi Loo Loo at our favorite place, Target.

Before going in. Livi is fascinated with the big "balls" outside of Target.

All our shopping is done.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Morning at home

Afternoon at NieNie & Pa's

Evening at Nanny & Papa's

She's always running.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sweet saturday in spring

Today for the first time in a long time we had nothing planned. We didn't have to be anywhere. It was a nice feeling. So today when we woke up and saw how beautiful the day was going to be we decided to head on out to Lowe's.

I had been wanting to get some plants for the deck and the front. Livi loved looking at the flowers and helped pick some out. We walked around for over an hour. Looking at bathroom fixtures and dreaming of things we would like to do to the house, making plans. It was fun.

Then as we left Lowe's we decided to take the long way home and drive around a little. It was nice cruising around with the windows down and listening to Livi say MOO every time she saw a cow.

It's times like these I realize how truly blessed I am. The simple times. A nice trip to Lowe's and a beautiful Saturday drive.

When we got home it was time for Livi to go down for a nap. That made it really easy for us to get our potting done.

CJ stopped by and said we looked cute so I made him take some pictures.

Our finished project minus the one in front.

We also put the canopy back up. We had a lot of fun out there when Livi woke up!

We got these stars for Christmas. I love them up there.

For dinner we decided to grill. Jarad ran to the store a got us some steaks and we had baked potatoes, corn, strawberries, and french fries (I know quite the combo). It was the end to a wonderful, perfect, sweet Saturday in spring.

Helping Daddy with the grill.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009 the end

On Easter morning Livi woke up to this.

She was very excited to see Elmo. Most mornings she wants to play in her bed and doesn't want to get out and have her diaper changed. That was not the case here. She was ready to get up and check out her loot.

After trying some candy and playing with her puzzles we got ready and went out to my parents house to have Easter dinner.

This is the only (good) picture I got of her. But its really cute so I'll take it.

And to make the great day even better, my cousin and his wife announced that they are expecting!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009 Part 1

Our Easter celebration started off on Saturday at Nanny and Papa's. We had an Easter egg hunt and then a wonderful dinner that Jarad had won from Honey baked Ham (he put his name in a drawing one day last week when he was there for lunch and he won!) along with some amazing sides that Cheryl made.
(He also won something else recently and I'm working on that post.)
Here are some pictures from our day.
The kids and PaPa before the egg hunt.

Livi getting her first lesson of many from our favorite coach, Steph.

Livi finding some eggs.

Kissing cousins, Livi and Coco.

Four-wheeler ride with Daddy to end the day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

exciting things are afoot

It's all happening so fast. I've been praying for it. Praying for something to happen. Something needed to happen. Jarad loves his job. He really does. He loves talking about promotional products and will talk about them all day to me if I will let him. He loves his employer and everyone that works there. He loves his customers. The problem with loving a job so much is, its sometimes hard to know if that is where you really need to be.

Here lately though we've been talking. Talking about what we want and how are we going to get there. I suggested that I could go back to work. (Not that I really want to go back to work, I love my work here at home with my little girl but if we needed me to then I would.) Jarad really didn't have much to say about that, to me anyway. I was told by his mom that he mentioned to her that he really doesn't want me to work. Such a nice man.

Still something needed to happen. Bills are being paid, diapers are being bought, clothes are being worn, and food is being ate. Saving though? Nothing was being saved. I like saving. Having a little put back for something special.

Now it hasn't always been like this. Just this year. Gas prices went up and now back down. Groceries have gone up and well, we are in a recession. Therefore, promotional products really aren't being bought, at least not like they have been. Companies are cutting back. There is still a need just not as big as there used to be.

Meanwhile, my father-in-law's company is thriving. Getting bigger and bigger everyday. New accounts are being picked up and finally his lifetime of (really, really) hard work is paying off. The only problem, he NEEDS help.

I had asked Jarad why he doesn't just work for his dad. He has worked for him before, in the warehouse, drove a route, ran one of the bookstores and I'm sure there are others that I don't know about. He would just say, "dad doesn't want me in the magazine business". Well that was then and this is now. Then they weren't as busy, then it was unpredictable, then he didn't need help.

But now? Now is the time. So I am extremely excited and very pleased to announce that Jarad is going to work for his dad!!!! It all happened so fast too. Fast like within a day. And the only people that knew were me, Jarad, his mom and dad. I found myself giggling with excitement just waiting to announce the big news.

Since he is an independent contractor for Yates Promotions he can still sell for them! He has some clients that he will keep and continue to sell to. He just won't be doing all the other stuff there. His hours at Ozark News will allow him to have meetings in the afternoon. And frankly if anyone can have two jobs that will require what these two will its Jarad. He's always been a hard worker and sadly I think he enjoys it.

I can't help but feel a little guilty though. I want him to be happy in whatever he is doing. After all he is the one getting up and going to work to provide for our family. I've been asking him everyday if this is really what he wants to do. He always says yes. I asked him yesterday if he was really sure this is what he wants, his reply, "I'd be happy driving a garbage truck if it was alongside my dad." Funny 'cause I'm pretty sure his dad feels the same way.